Our Approach

Unifying the experimental spirit of Dutch design with the precision of German craftmanship, our approach is visionary yet pragmatic. 

We take pride in finding creative solutions to the most relevant challenges that face our built environment. Partnering with like-minded clients to design inspiring places that enrich people’s quality of life.

Precisely German.

Experimentally Dutch.

With offices in Aachen, Köln and Amsterdam, our combined Dutch and German DNA gives us a unique architectural perspective. Even if we feel a bit more German in The Netherlands, and a bit more Dutch in Germany. Our Dutch DNA brings a more experimental, conceptually driven approach to design. Simplicity with surprises and an open approachability. To support this, our German DNA brings a strong sense of craftsmanship and precision. A depth of knowledge, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit of getting things done. The reinforcing intersection where our individual perspectives and cultural differences meet to create something extraordinary.

Visionary Design.

Created with purpose.

We believe that architecture has to make a difference. Because without a clear sense of purpose or tangible social benefit bold architectural ideas lack significance. With a guiding belief in the role of design to create new and better ways of living, we champion architecture and urbanism as a tool for social change. And with this belief comes a sense of accountability to ensure that we use design to meaningfully enhance lives and communities. Defining bold architectural ideas that are built with purpose at every stage in the process.

Thinking differently.

Getting it done.

Experimentally unconventional, we do things with our own unique approach. We go where others do not, to immerse ourselves in the contextual depth of a project. Defining solutions that respond to the challenge at hand with a balance of creativity and pragmatism. A holistic approach to architecture and urbanism that turns complexity into powerfully simple ideas with a clear sense of purpose.

Cherish the past.

Embrace the future.

Architecture is about much more than ‘making it new’.  We design solutions that respond to the layered complexity of urban settings. Respecting the architectural language of what already exists, in order to define a more meaningful future.

Because we know that our projects will need to stand the test of the time. Enriching people’s lives and improving our built environment to make a difference that outlasts the present.